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Spinal Decompression

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Triton® Spinal Decompression? 

Triton® Spinal decompression is FDA cleared and has a high success rate for pain associated with herniated or bulging discs…even after failed surgery. It is a non-surgical, traction based therapy for the relief of back and leg pain or neck and arm pain. During this procedure, by cycling through distraction and relaxation phases and by proper positioning, a spinal disc can be isolated and placed under negative pressure, causing a vacuum effect within it.


How does this negative pressure affect an injured disc?

During spinal decompression, a negative pressure is created within the disc. Because of that negative pressure, disc material that has protruded or herniated can be pulled back within the normal confines of the disc, and permit healing to occur.


What system is used for this purpose?
We chose the Triton® Spinal Decompression system after a significant amount of research. With its unparalleled design and proven history, the Triton systemis the “Gold Standard” in spinal decompression.


We also selected the Triton® Spinal Decompression systems due to their ability to treat discs in both the neck and the low back.


Who can benefit from Triton® Spinal Decompression?

Anyone who has back pain or neck pain caused in whole or in part by a damaged disc may be helped by spinal decompression. These conditions include herniated, protruding or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica or radiculopathy (pinched nerves).



Are there medical studies that document the effectiveness of Spinal Decompression? 

Yes! One study documented by MRI up to 90% reduction of disc herniations in 10 of 14 cases and other studies reported that the majority of ruptured disc patients achieved “good” to “excellent” results after spinal decompression.


Are there conditions where Triton® Spinal Decompression is not indicated? 

Spinal surgery with instrumentation (screws, metal plates or “cages”) is also contraindicated. However, spinal decompression after bone fusion or non-fusion surgery can be performed.



Are the sessions painful, how many will be needed and what is the cost?

In almost all cases, the treatments are completely painless. In fact, some patients fall asleep during the spinal decompression session.  The specific treatment plan will be determined by the doctor after your examination.  Based on that most common protocol, the total cost of the spinal decompression sessions would only be a small fraction of the amounts that some other doctors are charging.


Do most patients receive therapy and rehabilitative exercises in addition to Triton® Spinal Decompression?

To reduce inflammation and assist the healing process, supporting structures are treated with passive therapies (ice/heat/muscle stimulation), and/or active rehabilitation in order to strengthen the spinal musculature.

Patient Testimonials


Nou Yang

I suffered from back pain for more than 20 yrs. Since I have come to see Dr. Simpson my lower back pain is gone. I have been to other chiropractors but you just have to find the right one. I went online and found Dr. Simpson’s website and read about chiropractic care.

Before I came to see Dr. Simpson, I was sleeping on the floor due to back pain. Also my back looked twisted like an “S” and now I am back to normal. Also the spinal decompression treatments and adjustments are very good for my lower back.


Julee Peacock

I was in so much pain and after 2 months of it, I sought help from a doctor who said surgery was all he could do for me – no other therapy offered. I have a torn rotator cuff; I couldn’t use my left arm at all, and could not lift it straight up. I thought about my parent’s advice about trying Dr. Simpson and all that he could do for me. So I came to him for help. Oh my goodness! It was like a miracle.


I came in not being able to lift my arm to lifting it straight up – on my very first appointment. I was so excited and glad I came. Surgery was not needed. Dr. Simpson took care of me.


Yet once again I needed Dr. Simpson’s help, this time for a disc in my neck. Therapy was offered by my treating doctor, but I was sure to talk to Dr. Simpson to see if there was anything he could do for this problem. I’m so glad I made the right choice and didn’t go for surgery! I can do all of my housework now and pick things up without pain. It’s awesome!


Tony Allen

I had terrible, miserable pain; the most pain I’d been in since I was 20 years old. When I came in I could barely turn my head. I could barely sit in the car to drive. I was unable to fish because I was unable to sit, I couldn’t mow the lawn or do any yard work, or do so many things I loved doing, and now I can do it all!


After receiving adjustments and spinal decompression, I can go back to doing everything I enjoyed doing before I was in pain. I can take care of my family, cook, clean, wash clothes, do yard work, and now I can hook up my boat and go fishing. Even driving my car is so much better. I used to be in so much pain in my legs, but not now. My neck is so much better; I can turn it in any direction and have no pain. My blood pressure has dramatically improved. I was taking about 8 different blood pressure pills twice a day, and I was actually able to drop two of those pills since seeing Dr. Simpson! I feel wonderful!!


Bonnie Meeter

It was two years ago that I started having pain in my lower back. The pain just kept getting worse. I had never experienced pain like this in my life. The problem was finally diagnosed as a cyst in the spine. The operation was a success and I again felt fine. Then later, I again started having pain in my back. The pain was even more severe than the first time. This time an MRI revealed that I had a ruptured disc in my spine and part of the ruptured disc was causing pressure on my spinal cord. Again the pain was really intense.


I tried various treatments but nothing worked. It looked like surgery was the only answer to fix the problem. A friend of mine who was a patient of Dr. Simpson brought me a pamphlet from his office describing a new procedure to assist in healing ruptured discs. So I took her advice, came to Dr. Simpson and started the spinal decompression treatment.


After three treatments, I stopped taking the pain medication as I no longer needed it. I don’t know if my situation was typical, but I continued with a series of decompression treatments with gradually increasing time between each treatment. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to be free from pain. I’m so thankful that I had a friend to tell me about Dr. Simpson. So now I wish to pass on the favor. If you have a friends with a ruptured of herniated disc, please tell them to see Dr. Simpson!


Bill Smith

I have had recurrent neck pain for years. The pain was severe, and would last for up to a week. My doctor prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers, but nothing relieved the pain. I was referred by my wife Shirley. Dr. Simpson’s treatment relieved a previous problem with back pain for her. Dr. Simpson’s treatment on the compression table relieved the neck pain and the subsequent treatments have so far kept the pain from recurring.


David McClure

The chiropractic care from Simpson Center and the use of their Spinal Decompression table made remarkable improvement over years of neck pain and stiffness. The increased mobility of my neck is unbelievable.


Sloan Stribling

I’m sure that most of you have heard the saying “If I had known that I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”. As I near my 56th birthday those words have an all too real meaning for me. I’m afraid that I have not been very kind to my body over the years. Since my 50th birthday I have had six surgeries including rotator cuff repair on both shoulders, two hernia repairs, and back surgery. I have pretty much completely healed from all of my surgeries except my back surgery.

My back problems started when I was in my mid-twenties. I had two car wrecks that left me with 2 fractured vertebrae in my lower back and six separated ribs. Since that time I have lived with some degree of back pain almost every day. I was beginning to think that there was nothing left to do that might help relieve my back pain.


While visiting my sister in Athens in early October, 2007, I saw an ad for Simpson Chiropractic Center in a Health Resource magazine in the Athens Banner Herald. I had heard of Spinal Disc Decompression, and I had a niece that, according to her, had had “great results” with Decompression for her back problems. She wanted me to come and see her chiropractor in Atlanta, but I figured that any relief that I would have gotten would have been negated by the 4 hour round trip to Atlanta.


After talking to Dr. Simpson and his staff I decided to try it for me. After 13 decompression treatments, I cannot believe the improvement in my back pain, and my overall energy level. I actually wake up in the mornings with no back pain now; where before my usual day would have started with at least 1 hour using a cold pack on my lower back with more time using the cold pack later in the day. If you are suffering with back pain, and think that it is something that you will just have to learn to live with then I urge you to try chiropractic and spinal decompression, and I can think of no better place than Simpson Chiropractic Clinic.


Stewart Simms, Jr.

I have received chiropractic treatment from Dr. Simpson for almost ten years, because of a neck injury suffered in a swimming pool accident many years ago. The adjustments have helped my neck and back tremendously. However, when Dr. Simpson recommended the further step of decompression for my neck, I readily agreed. And it has been just what I needed for an extra boost to my adjustments. I now rarely experience neck stiffness or pain, and I never have headaches. I certainly cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results, but my experience has been wonderful. Plus that, the treatment is so relaxing; I often take a short morning nap while on the table!


Christa Newsome

I was having numbness in a couple of toes on my left foot. I was also having extreme stiffness in my lower back.

It has helped with some of my flexibility and my neck doesn’t feel as tense or stiff while I work. I also don’t have the numbness in my toes, which has increased my comfort while working or doing leisure activities.


Lessie Paul

When I first came to Dr. Simpson, I could hardly walk. Dr. Simpson suggested that I start spinal decompression. After just a few visits, I felt like dancing!


I was first introduced to chiropractic as a child who had seizures, then again about 10 years ago. Then, I was referred to Dr. Simpson by my son, who is also a patient. You don’t have much of a life when you are in so much pain and I had been told that I would need surgery for my back problem. NOT anymore! Now I am pain free and can do almost anything I desire. I encourage everyone to try Chiropractic, because it has been wonderful to me. I plan to continue with maintenance visits to stay healthy and I look forward to every visit. I would highly recommend Chiropractic to everyone. Dr. Simpson and his staff are Great!!!


Dudley Meeter

I am a very active 75 year old. For 73 of those 75 years I was openly critical of the practice of chiropractors – I did not believe in them. Then in the last couple of years, my back became increasingly more difficult to live with. It was hard to get out of bed in the morning. I had to carefully and painfully roll to one side and then get my feet to the floor. I had to walk kind of stooped over for a while because it hurt too much to straighten up. It was difficult to bend over far enough for me to function somewhat normally.

I hated all this, not only because of the pain and discomfort but because it was becoming apparent that I could not continue in a sport that I loved. I train dogs in the sport of agility, directing a dog around a course of jumps, tunnels, teeters, dog walks, etc. My wife insisted that I see Dr. Simpson. In the beginning the results were mixed, sometimes my back hurt more when I left the office that when I came in. However, I continued coming and the situation just kept improving. Gradually the pain was gone from the part of the back.

Here’s the bottom line. After two months of treatment my back is pain free. I’m running and training my dogs again. I don’t know if just any chiropractor could have achieved these results, I just know I’m glad I found this doctor. Do I now believe in chiropractic? I believe in THIS one!