Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Athens GA David Costa Testimonial

"As a restaurant manager, I work 70-80 hours per week on a regular basis with 95% of that time on my feet. I always had issues with back pain and very rarely found relief. The pain and discomfort made work very difficult and made spending quality time with my family almost impossible because on my days off, I didn’t want to move.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, my pain has significantly been reduced! I can work a 12-14 hour shift without pain and am able to spend my time away from work enjoying spending time with my wife and kids instead of trying to find a “magic” position that made the pain remotely bearable. My quality of life has improved 1000%!"

- David Costa

Chiropractic Athens GA Keanna Watkins Testimonial

"Before I started getting my treatment and adjustments, it was very hard and painful for me to stand up straight. Something that’s so simple and easy became a huge problem. My injury stopped my life (ex. working, exercising, and my social life). It was hard to lift a simple grocery bag. Driving was so painful!

Since I’ve been getting adjusted, I’m able to stand and turn! I couldn’t do that before I started seeing Dr. Simpson. I’m able to do everything I used to be able to do like exercising, racing my son to the mailbox, different activities at the YMCA, etc.

My energy has increased because I feel so much better. Also I’ve learned a lot by just attending my appointments and the workshop. Dr. Simpson, as well as his staff, are outstanding! I’ve always felt welcomed!"

- Keanna Watkins

Chiropractic Athens GA Terry Seehorn Testimonial

"In January of this year, I slipped on a patch of ice and pulled my right hamstring muscle.  I could walk a little but I would need to rub my leg often.  I also started losing my balance easily.  I stumbled backwards at work one day and fell flat on my backside.  I was trying to increase my steps because I had been given a Fitbit.  It took all of my energy to get between 3000-4000 steps a day.  I ached and felt stiff all over.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, I’m up to 10,000-12,000 steps a day.  I’ve been able to participate with several friends and family with Fitbit challenges.  I don’t have to stop as often to “sit down to rest.”  I’m able to ride longer distances in the car and walk when I first get out of the car.  I’ve been able to enjoy tent camping and sleeping on the ground on a sleeping pad again! I also recently rode a bike again!  I went on a 17 mile ride with my husband and friends!  Been a long time since I’ve had so much fun!"

- Terry Seehorn

Chiropractic Athens GA Linda Gordon Testimonial

"I was involved in an auto accident years ago. Since the accident I have always suffered with neck and back pain. Sitting at a desk all day made my pain worse. I met Dr. Simpson in my Sunday School class and then I came to work for his office part time. Working with him made me realize how important chiropractic care is for the body. My neck and back pain have improved 100% because of Dr. Simpson. I exercise everyday now. I went on a 7 mile hike, it took four hours. Without the help of Dr. Simpson I would not have been able to make the hike. He has improved my health. Thank you Dr. Simpson for your care."

- Linda Gordon

Chiropractic Athens GA Sharon Wade Testimonial

"After my husband and I were in an auto accident my life changed overnight. I was in constant pain and couldn’t do any of my daily activities. When I came to Dr. Simpson, his staff is so warm and caring and made me feel so welcome. As my treatment went forward I’ve gotten better and better. I would suggest Chiropractic care to anyone. And I would suggest Dr. Simpson and his wonderful staff too. My husband and I have always loved to camp, fish, go on long walks, and spend time with friends and family. When I got hurt we had to cut down on all of that. But after Dr. Simpson’s treatment, we go fishing, go on walks, and love to spend time outside with our daughter Christie. Thanks Dr. Simpson, you’re the best!"

- Sharon Wade

Chiropractic Athens GA Jackie Williams Testimonial

"In the early 2000’s, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulder. I couldn’t raise my arm above my heard without severe pain. I’ve tried cold compresses and creams with no results. So I started looking into alternative medicines. I returned back to Dr. Simpson in 2015 for a pinched nerve in my back that affected the buttocks on the lower right side and the right leg. It was very painful to get in and out of the car. I also couldn’t put my clothes on without pain. I was told about chiropractic care by my coworkers, but I’m happy to say I found Dr. Simpson myself online. I’ve heard nothing but great stories about how he’s helped people. I feel like my youthful self again. I’m so thankful for Dr. Simpson and his staff. I haven’t had any problems with my leg or shoulder after a couple of weeks of adjustments. I still see Dr. Simpson on a weekly basis for adjustments for preventative treatments. Thank you Dr. Simpson for your great service."

- Jackie Williams

"I was one of those people who “didn’t need to go to a chiropractor” because my back didn’t bother me too bad. What I did not know was that chiropractic could help with my sinuses, allergies, headaches, and just about any other complaint I ever had. I did not know that my spine was home for my entire nervous system and that interference in this very important part of my body could cause any kind of illness imaginable.

I have noticed numerous changes in my lifestyle. I formerly had at least 1-2 headaches per week. Now I have maybe 1-2 per month. Since age 14, I have had trouble with pollen in the spring. I had headaches, runny nose, stopped up head, watery eyes, and had trouble sleeping at night because I couldn’t breathe. I thought it would always be that way and that there was no way to help myself except to take Sinus Tylenol or if it was bad enough, go to the doctor and get antibiotics. This spring has been the best spring of my entire life. I have actually enjoyed watching the flowers and trees bloom! I have had the windows and doors open in my house and car, and nothing has affected me! I have not had a runny nose, stopped up head, or sinus headaches."

I have also noticed an increase in my energy level. I no longer have that mid-afternoon slump that I once experienced about 3-4pm. I have lots of energy all day and don’t run out of steam as early as I used to.

I am so thankful for chiropractic treatment and to the good Lord above who arranged my meeting with Dr. Simpson and Stacey. There really are no coincidences, are there?"

- Paige Fuller

"Our son, Daniel, has had problems since birth with asthma and allergies. When he was 4, we had him treated at an allergy doctor and then had his tonsils and adenoids removed. He continued to have sinus headaches and threw up for days on end. Last summer, we brought him to Dr. Simpson. (My husband had been to Dr. Simpson for back pain before.) Since being treated for almost 1 year, he no longer throws up on a daily basis and doesn’t have the amount of sinus headaches and stuffiness at night. In fact, now it is rare for him to have any of the problems he had before. Daniel has come through the spring allergy season triumphantly! He is now 9 years old and can go outside freely without worrying about allergies and having trouble breathing, he is also off all allergy medications!"

- Daniel Melendez

"I was in a car accident and had extreme neck pain. I also have a lot of other heart problems. I started seeing Dr. Simpson and the same day my neck pain improved. I was amazed my breathing and sleep patterns also improved. After seeing Dr. Simpson I can walk without feeling pain."

- Jackie Moses

"Though I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years (I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age five), I have never been to a more professional or pleasant office. The staff knows you by name and greets you warmly as soon as you walk in the door. They truly are in the business to help others. Dr. Simpson is a knowledgeable, talented, and patient. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else."

- Melissa Marie Manson

"Growing up I was a very competitive athlete – soccer, softball, cheerleading, gymnastics, ballet, etc. Being an athlete, things get thrown out of whack often. Different problems would arise, whether it is stiff, sore muscles or sore joints. I especially had pain after I threw out my arm. My shoulder would hurt so bad sometimes I needed help getting dressed because I couldn’t move it. And I was plagued with severe headaches daily, neck pain, and back pain constantly. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods of time without extreme discomfort. I had Aleve in my purse, my desk at work, in my car, and at my house, all used very frequently. I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care until I started working in Dr. Simpson’s office and personally watched how many people were helped for a wide variety of things. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. I’m adjusted on a consistent basis, and I have increased flexibility, my neck pain is practically gone, I only have maybe one headache a month now, and my enjoyment of life pain free is priceless to me. I can go to a football game now and can actually focus on the game instead of my pain. And I don’t have to take any pain medication anymore, which is great. I learned a lot here, mostly that healing takes time, effort, and the willingness to change to a healthier lifestyle and habits. My car and body both need maintenance to keep going. I will continue care for the rest of my life, because I care about the quality of my life."

- Heather Williams

"I had lower back pain, neck pain, and pain in my leg. I was rubbing my let all the time trying to relieve the pain. I did not feel like riding in the car for trips. I stayed at home during the Christmas Holidays. I just didn’t want to go anywhere. I told a friend about how I was feeling and he got me an appointment. I am now feeling much better since I started my treatments. I am able to cut wood, work on cars, etc. I feel like going places now. It doesn’t bother me to ride in the car. I am ready for spring so I can get out and enjoy life."

- David Venegas

"In the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I began to experience excruciating back pain which inhibited me from doing normal, everyday things like walking, turning, bending, etc. I couldn’t even get relief when sitting or lying down – even with use of hot compresses or icing the area. In a desperate attempt for pain relief, I began to explore chiropractic care.

I found Dr. Simpson’s website online and was impressed by the good reviews and testimonials. I am now able to enjoy my final trimester of pregnancy and perform everyday activities with relative comfort! I owe my positive pregnancy experience to Dr. Simpson!"

- Marisa Hydrick

"Twelve years ago I started my first experience with chiropractic. I had had problems with my feet being numb and an area on my right thigh was painful all the time. At the same time that area was numb. You could stick a pin in that area and I could not feel it.

Comments: My doctor said that surgery on my back would be the only way that would correct the problem. Being the “chicken” that I am, I started looking for another solution. I didn’t feel like being some surgeons Thanksgiving turkey to carve on. A friend referred me to a chiropractor. After he had worked with me for about three months, was “healed.” I stopped going to my chiropractor since I was “healed.”

Fast forward 12 years—1997. …By that time, I was having trouble with my feet again. It felt like I had bone spurs on my heels. I even had thick pads in my shoes so that my feet would not hurt when I walked. After just a few adjustments the foot problems disappeared. I am “healed” again."

- Melissa Steele

"Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from a great deal of lower back pain and stiffness in my neck and middle back. I also had pain in my sciatic nerve from my lower back down my left leg. I grew weary of getting out of bed in the morning wondering what the pain of the day was going to be. My sister had been recommending chiropractic to me for years, but I put it off until the pain prompted me to take action. Where to begin? The back pain is all but gone; my neck is no longer stiff and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Several people have said that they think I’m taller, but I’m just finally standing up straight! Also, my breathing is better and my seasonal allergies were minimal this year! Thank you Dr. Simpson!"

- Don Reagin

"My back and neck was messed up prior to a car accident. I was in severe pain all of the time. My attorney recommended me to Dr. Simpson. I can do all of my activities now since I have been coming to see Dr. Simpson. He has truly been good for me. I would tell anyone about his practice. The whole staff is great. Thank you Dr. Simpson."

- Angela Kitchens

"My back and neck pain have been drastically reduced since treatment from Dr. Simpson. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in mobility and flexibility. I was referred to Dr. Simpson through a chiropractor in Marietta."

- Glenn Brinson

"Dr. Simpson is a great doctor ! Always caring friendly staff with excellent care. Dr Simpson chiropractic care helped me so much and I would refer his services to anyone in need of awesome chiropractic."

- Sponjetta Parrish

"My back was tight all the time. Any time I tried to move my back and sides would have pain. With all the sports I played it was not good for my overall health. My Mom and Dad were always going to the chiropractor and started to bring me as well. Now my energy during sport has improved. I used to be out of energy and start to get cramps and pain, but now I am only tired after I finish the game."

- Tyler Breedlove

"Before I came to Dr. Simpson I felt like I had a broken back. I thought I would never feel better again. When walking just a short distance, my whole body would hurt. I experienced neck and back pain in addition to pain all over my body. I thought it just came with getting older. I was referred to Dr. Simpson and I hate to say that it took a car accident for me to see a chiropractor for the first time in my life. Dr. Simpson helped me feel better and ready to continue a better life."

- Robert L. Smith

"Before treatment, I felt stiff in the back and neck and had little movement. I was extremely limited. My back felt like a brick wall and I felt tired with pain. I was worn out from the movement that I was making every day. I was lacking energy and unable to sleep properly. I was in pain with just normal “day-to- day” activities. I sought treatment from Dr. Simpson after a car wreck. Now I’m able to rest more peacefully with comfort and I feel I finally have my life back – thanks for Dr. Simpson’s treatment! I feel back to my normal self, able to bend and move and sleep better. My back is cured!!"

- David McCord

"I live next to Dr. Simpson’s office and had been asking for months about various aches and pains. Finally, I had intense pain in my back and shoulders- like a knife in my spine. This pain prompted me to seek help (alternatives to surgery). Two months of treatment have permitted me to sleep normally and resume physical activities as before. As afraid of Medical Doctors and surgery as I am, I sought an alternative treatment and have been pleasantly surprised at my progress. From a mechanical viewpoint chiropractic makes sense! I can now participate in the activities that I had become unable to enjoy. As a crew chief on a car racing team, I have responsibilities that REQUIRE quick and strenuous work, such as changing tires. Before my visits to Dr. Simpson I was unable to perform these duties. Now, I feel 20 years younger and have stopped taking 800 mg Motrin three times daily, which was necessary before just to make through daily life, Thanks!"

- Lee Strum

"I had arm, neck, and hip pain and was not able to turn my head for several weeks. I had visited with medical doctors to ER doctors from December 1st to the 16th. They had prescribed Celebrex and valium, which kept me out of it. I did not get any relief from those visits. That is when I came to see Dr. Simpson.

My husband was riding down the street and saw Dr. Simpson’s sign. My brother and sister-in-law had also recommended going to a chiropractor. We had tried everything else and it did not work so my husband stopped by the office and made an appointment for me. Since beginning care with Dr. Simpson I am able to go back to work!! I had a hard time being at work because of medications. I am able to take walks again!! I can now reach into my kitchen cabinets! I am no longer limited to doing things at home. I could not even vacuum, mop, etc. Now I can!! I am feeling great!!!!!!!!"

- Rebecca Scott

"Prior to chiropractic, I had frequent neck, lower back and some joint pain. I had frequent headaches and, at times, trouble thinking. My father told me about chiropractic care. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Simpson, my quality of life has improved. I have been able to continue my job and my ballroom company through pulled muscles, subluxations and injuries. I had a greatly injured foot and was able to return to work earlier than normal for that type of sprain."

- Rachel Holland

"I had been in neck and shoulder pain for quite a while. This pain was so constant and severe, that it also gave me terrible headaches. I had broken my collar bone and torn my rotator cuff a while back, which really restricted the motion in my arm and shoulder. I came to Dr. Simpson in March of 2006 and he worked his magic on me. I no longer have constant pain or headaches, no more waking up with aches and pains and I have much better motion. The second set of x-rays proved that I had much better spacing in mu vertebrae, my lower back has straightened out and no more neck and shoulder pain. I feel great!"

- Vincent Jolly

"I was involved in a car accident and I developed upper back pain and headache for 2 consecutive weeks. Then I came to Dr. Simpson’s office. He diagnosed my condition and started adjustments. All my pains gradually disappeared and I was completely painless after 2 weeks. Then I kept coming and felt even better and even more relaxed. I even sleep better now. I’ve also learned a lot through Dr. Simpson’s workshops."

- Emmanuel Foko

"On 1-2-14 I was in a car accident. I was rear-ended by another car and instantly I had terrible neck and back pain. I couldn’t sleep and could barely move. My lawyer recommended Dr. Simpson to me and after my first adjustment I felt a big difference. No more back pain or sleepless nights. I am actually better than I was before the accident! My life had improved a lot because of Dr. Simpson!"

- Tynesha Harris

"I was experiencing a lot of pain in my hips and lower back. I could hardly walk after carrying a three year old around all day. I was 31 years only and terrified about what the future might bring later for pain. I wanted to be able to pick up my children without worrying about what the other effects might be. I also was experiencing shoulder and neck discomfort from a car accident years before hand. I was very stiff and it was hard to stretch to sit for long periods of time. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Simpson and now I can pick up my children without the fear of pain the next day.Since seeing Dr. Simpson, I’ve had a baby and my pregnancy was 100 times easier than my first baby! My daughter didn’t have reflux like my first one did and I am so thankful! My body feels more relaxed and now I see Dr. Simpson’s adjustments as life changing!"

- Jennifer Shinpoch

"Vertebral subluxation affected my life all kind of ways. I had lower and upper back pain and sleepless nights. I couldn’t stand on my feet for a short period of time. I couldn’t play ball with my son. After being in a car wreck I met Dr. Simpson. Since then, my life has improved a lot. I’m back to my old self. I feel like I’m 16 again. Thanks Dr. Simpson for putting me back on the right track without all the pain killers!"

- Myjestus Smith

"Growing up, I really didn’t experience any back pain. As I got into my teens, my back started hurting a little when I was under stress, but not bad enough to go to the doctor about it. Five months ago, I was in an auto accident. As a result, I experienced a sore neck and upper and lower back pain. About a month after going to Dr. Simpson, I experienced some relief. I was amazed at the quick results and improvements.Since my adjustments, I feel a lot better and sleep better! One week I missed due to vacation and boy I felt it! I couldn’t believe the difference. Then I decided how important (and possibly life-changing) my weekly appointments were. As time passed, my back and neck slowly got better and my headaches weren’t as frequent. Also, my energy level soared! After a long day teaching, I felt like going places instead of napping-Thanks!"

- Allison Forshee

"Five months into my treatment, I was involved in a serious auto accident which exacerbated my neck pain. Subsequently, in August 2011, I began computerized cervical decompression treatments which are available at Dr. Simpson’s office. The results of this series of chiropractic manipulation coupled with cervical decompression have, indeed, been remarkable.

I believe that I am extremely fortunate to have discovered the benefits of chiropractic treatment prior to my auto accident. In fact, the immediate use of chiropractic methodologies following my accident certainly has promoted my current flexibility and comfort level."

- Frances Koepnick

"I suffered from back pain for more than 20 yrs. Since I have come to see Dr. Simpson my lower back pain is gone. I have been to other chiropractors but you just have to find the right one. I went online and found Dr. Simpson’s website and read about chiropractic care.

Before I came to see Dr. Simpson, I was sleeping on the floor due to back pain. Also my back looked twisted like an “S” and now I am back to normal. Also the spinal decompression treatments and adjustments are very good for my lower back."

- Nou Yang

"I was in so much pain and after 2 months of it, I sought help from a doctor who said surgery was all he could do for me – no other therapy offered. I have a torn rotator cuff; I couldn’t use my left arm at all, and could not lift it straight up. I thought about my parent’s advice about trying Dr. Simpson and all that he could do for me. So I came to him for help. Oh my goodness! It was like a miracle. I came in not being able to lift my arm to lifting it straight up – on my very first appointment. I was so excited and glad I came. Surgery was not needed. Dr. Simpson took care of me.

Yet once again I needed Dr. Simpson’s help, this time for a disc in my neck. Therapy was offered by my treating doctor, but I was sure to talk to Dr. Simpson to see if there was anything he could do for this problem. I’m so glad I made the right choice and didn’t go for surgery! I can do all of my housework now and pick things up without pain. It’s awesome!"

- Julee Peacock

​"The middle and upper part of my back would hurt so bad if I hit a bump in the road, drove over railroad tracks, uneven pavement, or a sharp curve… etc, etc while driving or a passenger in the car. It felt as if my middle and upper back was being jerked with such force. There would be a burning and stabbing pain. Then it also began to hurt just to twist and get the seat belt. When I went to bed at night I could not even sleep on my side anymore and I experienced the same symptoms as while driving. I could not even turn over without the pain. It would take my breath if I moved the wrong way. This went on for 6 months. My husband is also a patient of Dr. Simpson. Chiropractic Care with Dr. Simpson got my husband’s sciatica taken care of with decompression and regular adjustments. I really wasn’t ready to go to my family doctor yet. So I wanted to try Chiropractic Care first, then if this did not alleviate the pain I would go to my family doctor after X-Rays and an evaluation. I had no idea my T4 and T8 vertebrae and neck were so out of alignment. No wonder I was in pain! The family doctor couldn’t fix this without major surgery. So after about 4.5 months of neck decompressions and back adjustments, No Pain, No Pain, No pain. Best decision ever. I feel wonderful. I love Dr. Simpson and his great staff. Thanks for taking care of Gene and I! I love being able to sleep on my side again and turn over without pain. Driving is so much more relaxed now. I tell all my friends and family about Chiropractic Care."

- Denise Compton

"I had terrible, miserable pain; the most pain I’d been in since I was 20 years old. When I came in I could barely turn my head. I could barely sit in the car to drive. I was unable to fish because I was unable to sit, I couldn’t mow the lawn or do any yard work, or do so many things I loved doing, and now I can do it all!

After receiving adjustments and spinal decompression, I can go back to doing everything I enjoyed doing before I was in pain. I can take care of my family, cook, clean, wash clothes, do yard work, and now I can hook up my boat and go fishing. Even driving my car is so much better. I used to be in so much pain in my legs, but not now. My neck is so much better; I can turn it in any direction and have no pain. My blood pressure has dramatically improved. I was taking about 8 different blood pressure pills twice a day, and I was actually able to drop two of those pills since seeing Dr. Simpson! I feel wonderful!!"

- Tony Allen

"It was two years ago that I started having pain in my lower back. The pain just kept getting worse. I had never experienced pain like this in my life. The problem was finally diagnosed as a cyst in the spine. The operation was a success and I again felt fine. Then later, I again started having pain in my back. The pain was even more severe than the first time. This time an MRI revealed that I had a ruptured disc in my spine and part of the ruptured disc was causing pressure on my spinal cord. Again the pain was really intense.

I tried various treatments but nothing worked. It looked like surgery was the only answer to fix the problem. A friend of mine who was a patient of Dr. Simpson brought me a pamphlet from his office describing a new procedure to assist in healing ruptured discs. So I took her advice, came to Dr. Simpson and started the spinal decompression treatment.

After three treatments, I stopped taking the pain medication as I no longer needed it. I don’t know if my situation was typical, but I continued with a series of decompression treatments with gradually increasing time between each treatment. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to be free from pain. I’m so thankful that I had a friend to tell me about Dr. Simpson. So now I wish to pass on the favor. If you have a friends with a ruptured of herniated disc, please tell them to see Dr. Simpson!"

- Bonnie Meeter

"I have had recurrent neck pain for years. The pain was severe, and would last for up to a week. My doctor prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers, but nothing relieved the pain. I was referred by my wife Shirley. Dr. Simpson’s treatment relieved a previous problem with back pain for her. Dr. Simpson’s treatment on the compression table relieved the neck pain and the subsequent treatments have so far kept the pain from recurring."

- Bill Smith

"The chiropractic care from Simpson Center and the use of their Spinal Decompression table made remarkable improvement over years of neck pain and stiffness. The increased mobility of my neck is unbelievable."

- David McClure

"I’m sure that most of you have heard the saying “If I had known that I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”. As I near my 56th birthday those words have an all too real meaning for me. I’m afraid that I have not been very kind to my body over the years. Since my 50th birthday I have had six surgeries including rotator cuff repair on both shoulders, two hernia repairs, and back surgery. I have pretty much completely healed from all of my surgeries except my back surgery.

My back problems started when I was in my mid-twenties. I had two car wrecks that left me with 2 fractured vertebrae in my lower back and six separated ribs. Since that time I have lived with some degree of back pain almost every day. I was beginning to think that there was nothing left to do that might help relieve my back pain.

While visiting my sister in Athens in early October, 2007, I saw an ad for Simpson Chiropractic Center in a Health Resource magazine in the Athens Banner Herald. I had heard of Spinal Disc Decompression, and I had a niece that, according to her, had had “great results” with Decompression for her back problems. She wanted me to come and see her chiropractor in Atlanta, but I figured that any relief that I would have gotten would have been negated by the 4 hour round trip to Atlanta.

After talking to Dr. Simpson and his staff I decided to try it for me. After 13 decompression treatments, I cannot believe the improvement in my back pain, and my overall energy level. I actually wake up in the mornings with no back pain now; where before my usual day would have started with at least 1 hour using a cold pack on my lower back with more time using the cold pack later in the day. If you are suffering with back pain, and think that it is something that you will just have to learn to live with then I urge you to try chiropractic and spinal decompression, and I can think of no better place than Simpson Chiropractic Clinic."

- Sloan Stribling

"I have received chiropractic treatment from Dr. Simpson for almost ten years, because of a neck injury suffered in a swimming pool accident many years ago. The adjustments have helped my neck and back tremendously. However, when Dr. Simpson recommended the further step of decompression for my neck, I readily agreed. And it has been just what I needed for an extra boost to my adjustments. I now rarely experience neck stiffness or pain, and I never have headaches. I certainly cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results, but my experience has been wonderful. Plus that, the treatment is so relaxing; I often take a short morning nap while on the table!"

- Stewart Simms, Jr.

"I was having numbness in a couple of toes on my left foot. I was also having extreme stiffness in my lower back.

It has helped with some of my flexibility and my neck doesn’t feel as tense or stiff while I work. I also don’t have the numbness in my toes, which has increased my comfort while working or doing leisure activities."

- Christa Newsome

"When I first came to Dr. Simpson, I could hardly walk. Dr. Simpson suggested that I start spinal decompression. After just a few visits, I felt like dancing!

I was first introduced to chiropractic as a child who had seizures, then again about 10 years ago. Then, I was referred to Dr. Simpson by my son, who is also a patient. You don’t have much of a life when you are in so much pain and I had been told that I would need surgery for my back problem. NOT anymore! Now I am pain free and can do almost anything I desire. I encourage everyone to try Chiropractic, because it has been wonderful to me. I plan to continue with maintenance visits to stay healthy and I look forward to every visit. I would highly recommend Chiropractic to everyone. Dr. Simpson and his staff are Great!!!"

- Lessie Paul

"I am a very active 75 year old. For 73 of those 75 years I was openly critical of the practice of chiropractors – I did not believe in them. Then in the last couple of years, my back became increasingly more difficult to live with. It was hard to get out of bed in the morning. I had to carefully and painfully roll to one side and then get my feet to the floor. I had to walk kind of stooped over for a while because it hurt too much to straighten up. It was difficult to bend over far enough for me to function somewhat normally.

I hated all this, not only because of the pain and discomfort but because it was becoming apparent that I could not continue in a sport that I loved. I train dogs in the sport of agility, directing a dog around a course of jumps, tunnels, teeters, dog walks, etc. My wife insisted that I see Dr. Simpson. In the beginning the results were mixed, sometimes my back hurt more when I left the office that when I came in. However, I continued coming and the situation just kept improving. Gradually the pain was gone from the part of the back.

Here’s the bottom line. After two months of treatment my back is pain free. I’m running and training my dogs again. I don’t know if just any chiropractor could have achieved these results, I just know I’m glad I found this doctor. Do I now believe in chiropractic? I believe in THIS one!"

- Dudley Meeter

"I have been a patient of Dr. Tony for about 12 years now. He has always been able to give me excellent advice as well as provide the best medical care for my problems. My latest malady started one evening at home when I suddenly became very dizzy and could not stand up. My wife and I thought I was having a stroke, so we went to the ER. After the ER staff had run several tests the doctor concluded I had an inner ear infection. He prescribed a medication and sent me home.

I discussed this with Dr. tony. He determined there was a subluxation in the C1-C3 area. I had a vertigo problem. Following this, Dr. Tony has been checking my C1-C3 discs very carefully each visit.

I have not had any ear infections NOR have I had any more vertigo problems. Additionally, I have not had to use the medication prescribed by the doctor in the ER at the hospital.

I highly recommend that if you are having vertigo problems or instances of dizziness, please see Dr. Tony and let him examine your spine for subluxation."

- George E. Heyen

"I am only seven years old, and I had a hearing problem. My parents started taking me to the chiropractor. As time passed by my family and I started to see some change in me. I have been going to the chiropractor for more than a year and since I first started going until now I have noticed a big change in my hearing. My life has improved because now I can join my friends at school when they play soccer and other sports."

- Jose Alvarez

"I had chiropractic migraines and suffer from allergies. I also injured my tail bone in the past but I never decided to get help for it until recently. I met Dr. Simpson because our children attended school together and I decided that I should give him a try for my migraines and injured tail bone. After seeing Dr. Simpson I am now able o do housework, sleep better and don’t have to take any migraine medications anymore."

- Sharon McNeely

"I had headaches, especially migraines. Also I have had 4 herniated discs. Well, a massage therapist suggested Dr. Simpson. He’s kept me walking, for the most part pain free and best of all, no surgical intervention! The secret is after you start feeling better to continue with 1 time a week or month “wellness” adjustments. Wish I had done “wellness” years ago, I believe it would have prevented the severe degenerative disc disease I now have. Walking is better, now I actually want to walk. Oh, and migraines are a thing of the past!!"

- Martha Crawford

"I have always been bothered by seasonal allergies which also bring headaches and neck pain. I had numerous times been to dentists because of jaw pain/popping out as well. My husband Spencer had been going to see Dr. Simpson and was having good results, and recommended me for treatment. Thankfully since beginning care, I rarely have headaches and jaw pain. My allergies seem less bothersome and not as severe. I am more active and in shape that I have ever been. I enjoy life with more energy and health than ever!"

- Lisa Breedlove

"For 8 years prior to treatment, about once a week I would get severe headaches that would make a normal day impossible. I would end up in bed. After I was in a car accident, things got a lot worse. I couldn’t read anything for more than 10 minutes, I couldn’t exercise and driving was awful! I met Dr. Simpson because he banked at our bank. He seemed so honest and kind so I decided to try chiropractic. Now I am back to jogging, reading, and driving. I have NO headaches. The Excedrin has come out of its permanent place in my purse. The sky is the limit!"

- Christina Norris

"Prior to receiving chiropractic care I used to have headaches 4-5 times per week. I also suffered from lower back pain. Soon after I began treatment with Dr Simpson, I noticed a decrease in headaches – only a couple times per month. I have started sleeping much better and I haven’t had any lower back pain."

- Lauren Mauleg

"I have girls and each of them had a problem: headaches, gastronitis, and knee pain. I had upper back pain and muscle weakness. I was introduced to chiropractic because of a debilitating illness and a friend recommended this type of care.While chiropractic did not cure the illness, I do give chiropractic care the credit for an unusually quick recovery and minimal long term affects. As for my girls, headaches have been few and far between. Stomach pain is handled without medication when she has it, and there has been no leg pain. While chiropractic in not a miracle cure, it is pretty darn close!"

- Margaret Wood

"I used to have bad migraines. Sometimes so bad they put me in bed. I also fell and badly broke my leg two years ago. I used to have to take the stairs one at a time. I used to have to take Tylenol PM to sleep. I walked with a limp, and had bad lower back pain. After working for Dr. Simpson I began treatment. I have not had a migraine since I started getting adjusted approximately a year and a half ago. I can take the steps normal, I no longer walk with a limp either. I don’t have to take anything to sleep at night, and I feel great, more energy, and just generally good. I would and do recommend Chiropractic care to everyone I meet."

- Pam Darou

"I had migraine headaches that would last for weeks. The headaches had been going on for almost six months before I went to see Dr. Simpson. I also have had neck problems and lower back pain for five years. On a daily bases, I was too tired to do anything other than simply make it through my daily work and school schedule. My dad started receiving chiropractic care and said that I should see if it would help me. After seeing several doctors to no avail, I began care with Dr. Simpson.

First, I have only had two headaches since receiving chiropractic care. For me, this is the best possible result! To make things even better, I no longer have menstrual cramps, which could make me feel weak for days. Overall, I get up feeling good in the morning and go to bed exhausted because of all the things I have enjoyed during my day, not because of pain."

- Joy Horton

"I had a significant pain in my left shoulder and right hip. It was so uncomfortable and very frustrating. Several years agoI visited an orthopedic who wanted to perform surgery. I declined and a friend referred me to Dr. Simpson. He was able to eliminate the hip pain completely in about 3 weeks. After seeing Dr. Simpson for these months I am literally pain free. The best result is that I am sleeping all through the night comfortably."

- Mary Christiansen

"I could not sit at all. I had 2 surgeries to try to correct this pain but they were not effective. I also needed bifocal contacts. My neck always scraped when I turned my head and my neck/shoulder muscles were constantly tense. I had mid-back pain from a car accident 20+ years ago. I also had severe pelvic pain for 13 years that I had multiple surgeries and treatments for. I had chronic bursitis in both hips for 9 years. I had sinusitis too.

I can now sit with almost no pain! My nose is clearer. I’m back to my original distance-only contacts. My neck moves smoothly now and my neck/shoulder muscles are close to normal. My mid-back doesn’t hurt at all. The level of pelvic pain has improved as well as the bursitis."

- June Dooley

"Before treatment, I could not walk any distance without my hip hurting. The doctor would give me shots, but as soon as they wore off the pain would come back! I can remember going to Sam’s Club one day and could not walk to the back of the store! I heard about Dr. Simpson through the testimonial I read in the newspaper. I figured if he could help them out he should be able to help me! I can now walk wherever I want to go – even to the back of the store at Sam’s. I now have more energy and do a lot more things since I am not in pain anymore!"

- Kay Shepard

"I had reoccurring back pain and avoided activities that involved high impact such as running and anything that required lifting or bending. Even when grocery shopping I’d be afraid to bend down for fear of having a back spasm. After my mother recommended me to chiropractic, I found Dr. Simpson. I don’t have the pain or spasms anymore. I currently work at a plant nursery and there is no way I could successfully do this job without the chiropractic care I’ve received."

- Vicki Buschbom

"I was in chronic pain for a year before I decided to see Dr. Simpson.  I had severe spasms in my low back.  I did 3 months of physical therapy and I bought a traction machine for the lumbar area.  I also got steroid shots in my back.  Although these things provided some relief, it was minimal.  I still didn’t feel normal.  I never realized how much I took my back for granted.  I’m a very active person; I work out 5 days a week, for at least 2 hrs.  The back pain had to go!

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, I’M NO LONGER IN ANY PAIN!!  My adjustments have completely helped heal my back. I’ve returned to all my physical activities at full force.  Biking, running, yoga, weights and swimming.  Life is good once and again and I feel fantastic!"

- Sommer Riermaier

"Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from a great deal of lower back pain and stiffness in my neck and middle back. I also had pain in my sciatic nerve from my lower back down my left leg. I grew weary of getting out of bed in the morning wondering what the pain of the day was going to be. My sister had been recommending chiropractic to me for years, but I put it off until the pain prompted me to take action. Where to begin? The back pain is all but gone; my neck is no longer stiff and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Several people have said that they think I’m taller, but I’m just finally standing up straight! Also, my breathing is better and my seasonal allergies were minimal this year! Thank you Dr. Simpson!"

- Don Reagin

"Constant lower muscular back pain, shooting pain down entire left leg, numbness in left leg, frequent pinched nerve in lower back.

All of my life I have had lower back pain and frequent muscle spasms in my back. Any type of activity such as vacuuming, driving, sewing, gardening, or painting left me in pain by the end of my chore. I just accepted it for many years as one of the prices I pay for being tall—thinking the fact that I had to bend a little farther to do those chores caused my back pain. In the last three years the frequency and severity of pain has increased and I began to get a “catch” in my back (pinched nerve) when walking. But the final pain that sent me to see Dr. Simpson was the shooting pain down my entire left leg, and the numbness that would follow.

… Even though I was skeptical of chiropractic care, I felt I had nothing to loose. I was horrified to see the shape my spine was in, and after the first week of care, the results were astounding! In less than 60 days I feel like a new woman! I even drove on a ten hour trip, followed by lots of walking, without ANY pain. This, to me, is a miracle. I still have lots of work to do to get my spine in great condition, but I am committed to chiropractic care from now on!"

- Sandra Weir

"I believe my low point came when I looked up how to file for disability on the Social Security website. My lower back problems have been my burden for over 20 years. The last five years or so have been particularly difficult. Then I began to lose my ability to walk. I was unsure of the strength and position of my legs.

I thought, “I’m one fall away from having to use a walker – or being in a wheelchair.” I’ve been through two rounds of an excellent rehabilitation program. Alas, the pain would keep coming back. MRIs showed that I had two herniated discs in my back.

My doctor referred me for minimally-invasive back surgery. Because of my heart problems, the surgeon was quick to recommend against back surgery for me. Steroid injections were out of the question – that would aggravate my diabetes. If I used stronger pain medication I would have to give up driving and thus no longer be able to work.

One day I picked up a free publication called Health & Image of Athens. In it was an article called “Non-surgical Spinal Decompression…Is it for You?” The article offered a free decompression treatment from Dr. Tony Simpson. So, I called Dr. Simpson and got started with spinal decompression. I had immediate results.

After the first treatment, I could tell that feeling was returning to my legs. I could feel the ground better. The pain subsided. I had been reduced to 20 hours or less per week of work because I could not bear to sit at the computer any longer. Now I’m almost back up to the full 40 hours per week.

I’ve been recommending Spinal Decompression to anyone who might have a degenerated disc. I’ve told my success story to my primary care physician, my neurologist, and to my orthopedic doctor, and encouraged them all to send back pain sufferers to Dr. Simpson for treatment."

- Melody Covington

"When I first started getting adjusted I was experiencing middle and low back pain constantly. After just a few visits it has completely gone. I have never slept well and now I am resting all night – WOW!

A good friend encouraged me to see Dr. Simpson and even went to the point of volunteering to take me to my appointments. I am forever grateful!"

"Before chiropractic care I didn’t feel like or want to exercise on a regular basis. I had headaches, backaches and continuous pain in my right leg. My knees sometimes bothered me also. I had accepted the fact that some of my aces and pains were due to my age.

Since I began having adjustments on a regular basis. I have a new lease on life. I have more energy now. I play baseball with my grandkids. They tell me all the time they don’t want me to get old. (smile) I’ve always been an active person but there were times when I was in pain. My family life is somewhat better I guess when you’re feeling good it makes all the difference. I thank Dr. Simpson for my adjustments and God for my healing. I exercise now every other day. I feel so much better. “May God Bless.”

- Betty Bracey

"I was in such awful pain with my lower back and coccyx that I couldn’t think about anything else. Sitting or lying down did not help, neither did pain medications- O.T.C or prescription medication. The pain went all the way down my legs through my feet. A fellow teacher suffered from herniated discs with pain so severe that she was in bed for two weeks. After three weeks of chiropractic she was pain-free. She convinced me to come see Dr. Simpson. I can sleep at night and do most anything I want without pain. I couldn’t even bend over to water the flowers before I began chiropractic treatment. I’m like a new person!"

- Mary Appling

"I was constantly in and out of the doctor’s office, having to take five different medications daily. Each night my sinus would flare up and I felt like I was breathing through mud. Then I met Dr. Anthony Simpson at the Expo, he is a Godsend, his practice through chiropractic care has totally changed my life. I came to a health expo and met Dr. Simpson there. God is moving through his hands to help with the healing and knowledge of spinal care for his people through Dr. Simpson.

I enjoy exercising now with no pain, especially when exercising outside. I sleep better, and since receiving chiropractic care I do not have to take medication. I can sing from my stomach and not through my nose. I feel 100% better since I started treatments. Thanks Dr. Simpson."

- Stan Parker

"I had occasions when back pain would reduce my ability to do physical labor and enjoy recreational activities.  This led to negative feelings about my physical ability.  My mental outlook was not good and my family would notice the change due to back pain.  Overall when I experienced back pain, it was disruptive both physically and mentally. I no longer have the regular pain and tightness in my back.  My energy level has improved and my mental approach is much more positive."

- Carroll Allen

"Prior to chiropractic care, which began five months ago, I suffered from two specific bodily ailments: headaches (almost daily) and severe back pain in my lower back (to the pint I could not even put my paints on without crying in pain).

I had several friends of mine who went and continue to see Dr. Simpson. I was curious to see if chiropractic could do what everyone claimed it could – the body healing itself. So I set up an appointment with Dr. Simpson and was convinced that this method of care would help me.

In the last five months I’ve had ONE episode of severe back pain; and that was at the beginning of my chiropractic care. I haven’t had one since. I recover quicker from stressful situations which would have originally triggered a painful episode. As for my headaches, the frequency has significantly decreased. I have better posture; better range of motion; plus, I feel better all around."

- Renee Jackson

"I was having lower back pain at night that prevented me from getting much sleep. I was also extremely sore every morning. After getting x-rays and seeing an orthopedic doctor I was told that nothing was wrong. My mom actually prompted me to see a chiropractor and then I met Dr. Simpson at my school’s health fair. I no longer have back pain at night when I sleep and wake up pain free, as well. In addition, I was able to get pregnant after almost a year of trying right after I started seeing Dr. Simpson. My pregnancy has been wonderful, with very little sickness and almost none of the common pregnancy aches and pains. I am also counting on an easy labor!"

- Peggy Bales

"On labor day of 2013 I began having a severe back ache. The next day my hip started hurting and I could barely walk. My primary care doctor treated me with a cortisone injection and prednisone. I was still in severe pain after the meds were complete. My sister, Shirley Smith had been seeing Dr. Simpson for quite some time and highly recommended him.After a few weeks treatment I was in little to no pain and could start back with my daily routine of cleaning house and enjoying my sweet granddaughter. I could pick her up and carry her again. I continue to improve with every adjustment."

- Lou Waggoner

"I had trouble doing anything. My back hurt while I walked, sat, worked, or tried to do anything. A friend of mine told me how chiropractic care had helped him.

My back pain almost completely stopped after the first adjustment. I went to the job site and paraded around in front of everyone. They could not believe the improvement in my ability to get around.

After my adjustment the next day, I played softball that night and played pain free. Then next day I went to Florida and played in seven games in that weekend tournament. I’m convinced chiropractic care is the way to go in preventing and healing problems."

- Lee Strum

"I had such severe pain in my back that I could not get up out of a chair or out of bed without excruciating pain. I was taking ibuprofen (heavy dose) i`n an attempt to cope during the day and sleep some at night. I was recommended to see Dr. Simpson through  friend and after about 6 weeks of chiropractic care under Dr. Simpson I am virtually free of pain and even working out at the gym 3 times per week. I am 82 years old so age shouldn’t deter anyone from chiropractic care when needed."

- Ralph Motsinger

"I have a strong family history of osteoarthritis which began to affect me about 25 years ago when I was in my 40s. My osteoarthritis involves the intervertebral discs between my cervical vertebrae and I eventually developed a pronounced “dowager’s hump” as well as neck and left shoulder pain.

After moving to Athens, GA, I decided to consult a chiropractor for both my cervical osteoarthritis and lower back pain. I first saw Dr. Tony Simpson in March of 2011 and have been under his care since that time. The initial consultation and x-rays confirmed the severity of my cervical osteoarthritis and also revealed that my pelvis was not only tipped forward, but also higher on the right side than on the left. The results of chiropractic manipulation have been remarkable – my shoulder discomfort, lower back pain, and posture is much improved overall."

- Frances Koepnick

"I am a runner and I would often experience lower back pain and pain down the back of my legs. I’ve also been told throughout my life that my hips looked uneven, which inevitably meant that my spine was crooked. I’d had the idea of chiropractic care because I knew it was recommended for runners. After getting some information, I made an appointment.

I have been injury-free now for almost one year. I was prone to minor injuries in the past due to running long distances. If I ever have a slight problem now, Dr. Simpson I sable to help me pinpoint the troubled area and he can fix it! I’ve dealt with physical therapy in past, but not anymore! I am able to continue my running lifestyle almost immediately after Dr. Simpson figures out the problem."

- Emily U.

"I had developed lower back problems for almost 10 years on and off. I could sit wrong and not be able to get up or sometimes I would just turn or move wrong and my lower back would go out. Working in a warehouse these problems caused me many a painful day.

My daughter asked me to attend one of the workshops, and after I was willing to have Dr. Tony try to help me. Since I started almost 2 ½ years ago, I have only had 1 event to cause my lower back to pain me, but with my adjustments, I have not had any regular lower back pain in almost 2 years."

- Stephen Weber

"I was involved in a car accident and I developed upper back pain and headache for 2 consecutive weeks. Then I came to Dr. Simpson’s office. He diagnosed my condition and started adjustments. All my pains gradually disappeared and I was completely painless after 2 weeks. Then I kept coming and felt even better and even more relaxed. I even sleep better now. I’ve also learned a lot through Dr. Simpson’s workshops."

- Emmanuel Foko

"Before Dr. Simpson, I was unable to perform small jobs around the house without having lower back pain. I could not lie on my back and/or stay on my back for very long. My posture was off and my walk was uneven. A friend of mine had good results from chiropractic and suggested I go. Since treatment from Dr. Simpson, I have had less pain in my lower back. My walking and posture are much better (straighter). I can also sit longer without pain. I’m much more comfortable lying on my back and I can sleep without waking in pain."

- Brenda Mrozek

"Before chiropractic, I would often wake up in pain. Frequently I would pull something in my lower back. I had received some relief for these through a chiropractor in Wisconsin. After moving here in July of 2008 things got progressively worse since I did not have a chiropractor here. I met Dr. Tony Simpson at Watkinsville First Baptist Church and found him to be a genuine follower of Christ.

Since seeing Dr. Simpson for just 2 months I feel so much better. I do not wake up in pain anymore and my lower back is 100% better. He has helped me in ways my other chiropractor never did! God works powerfully through Dr. Simpson!"

- Pastor David Holt

"While out of town visiting relatives, I slept several nights on a roll-away bed. Soon after this, I started having severe lower back pain. I work at a computer and sit most of the day, and I noticed that I was beginning to have joint pain in my knees when I would stand and walk – especially up and down stairs

I was introduced by my boss, who highly recommended Dr. Simpson as a person who really cares about his patients. I have never considered chiropractic care in the past, but after my first appointment with Dr. Simpson, I was encouraged that he could help me.

There is a drastic improvement in how I now feel. I have a lot more energy, and I can walk much easier than before. I have no back problems or joint problems at all now. I can tell a difference in how I feel at work, too. Dr. Simpson gave me some great tips and exercises to do at work which have helped a great deal."

- Margaret Loard

"Before coming in, I had lower back pain to the point that I could barely pick up my kids, I could no longer exercise. When I got out of bed I could barely walk or stand up straight. I could no longer sneeze or cough without losing my breath from the pain. I had been taking six anti-inflammatories a day for ten years.

A family friend recommended me to Dr. Simpson, and from my first adjustment I felt a drastic change. One of the most noticeable things was that I began to sleep better at night than ever before in my life. I was soon back down on the floor playing and throwing my kids around and I am exercising again. I am so thankful that God brought Dr. Simpson into my life. It truly has been a life-changing experience."

- Daniel Rogers

"As a result of a fall, my left thumb had been dislocated and a bone spur developed.  Even after the thumb was realigned, it continued to be painful.  I could not move it enough to play my harp without significant pain.  Since I am a Certified Music Practitioner, playing at bedside for the critically ill and dying, I could no longer effectively do my job.

After assessing my problem, Dr. Simpson suggested that laser therapy might be helpful.

I now have full use of my left hand and am gradually working to strengthen it.  I have resumed playing healing music on my harp at bedside."

- Sondra Franceil

"I injured my knee doing yard work. The pain kept me from walking without a limp.  I came for laser treatment and after only 3 treatments saw significant improvement and am now virtually pain free."

- David Holt

"I have had a recurring knee injury since 1998. While physical therapy and other exercises helped periodically, there was always lingering pain. I am a dance teacher and live a very active lifestyle. Living with chronic knee pain had just become an inconvenient and painful thing I thought I would have to deal with forever.

I had been coming to Simpson Chiropractic Center for about a year when Dr. Simpson suggested laser therapy for my knee. I had never used laser therapy, but at that point I would have tried anything short of surgery.

I can only call the result miraculous. Within the first two days of my first session I could feel the pain dulling until it left altogether. I would absolutely recommend laser therapy for chronic or lasting pain.

I don’t wake up sore anymore. I can start my day immediately without having to wait for my knee to warm-up!"

- Cassidy Carson

"I was having numbness in my left leg around and below my knee. The skin would tingle and feel different then the skin on the rest of my leg and body. Dr. Simpson talked to me about laser treatment, and I decided to try it out. After one treatment, I could tell my leg and skin felt more normal. After the second treatment over the next few days, the feeling in my leg went back to normal. At this point (about 8 months later), the feeling in my leg is normal. Chiropractic adjustments also have helped my back and the muscles around my back so that they don’t limit my activities like they used to."

- Buz Amason

"During the Fall of 2009, I was diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear to the left knee. After numerous painful shots and months of physical therapy I noticed that I still had some pain and stiffness remaining in the knee. After beginning chiropractic care, Dr. Simpson recommended that I give laser therapy a try on my knee. I received four laser treatments and noticed after one session I was able to bend my knee without any pain at all. It has been very exciting to experience this form of treatment which was painless and to know how well laser therapy has worked for me."

- Joy Ogletree

"Having a long history of knee pain that resulted from basketball injuries, falls, and wear related to aging, I was a prime candidate for knee replacement surgery. That is when I discovered and read the laser therapy literature available in Dr. Simpson’s office and began to ask a lot of questions. The more I found out the more I became very encouraged and wanted to give laser therapy a try.

In January of 2010 I had on differing days 5 treatments on my right knee which was the most painful knee. The laser treatments were absolutely painless and took about 20 to 30 minutes. I often experienced soothing warmth during treatments in my knee. The pain was considerably minimized, and days later I realized that for the first time in years my knee was pain free.

Since my first experience of laser therapy in January on my right knee, I have been pain free and look forward to having my other knee treated in time. With this first success, it is without a doubt that I recommend laser therapy to anyone experiencing chronic and acute pain. I have found this to be an amazing, safe and effective therapy that is well worth the investment to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their life."

- Beverly McDowell

"My name is Shirley Moon. I have been coming to Dr. Simpson for about two years. I was having problems with my back at the time of my visit to his office. I can truly say my back is better. I still get adjusted every three weeks to maintain the progress I have made.

About six months ago I was going down some stairs and my knee felt like it was going to come out of place. I jerked it back and from then on my knee swelled and hurt very bad. I then went to see an orthopedic doctor who drew fluid from my knee. It was very painful to have that done and it did help some but I still could not bend my leg without it hurting.

Dr. Simpson told me about Laser treatment and asked if I would like to try it. On October 19th, 2009 I had my first treatment; I could tell it helped my knee tremendously. I cleaned carpet the very next day! It was still hurting some but I was so amazed at how much better it felt. As of this day November 3rd, 2009 I have had four Laser treatments. I will go back on the 5th of November for my final treatment. I truly recommend the Laser to anyone that wants to enjoy life and to be more active. It has saved me a lot of money and took away a lot of pain.

Thank you Dr. Simpson for introducing me to the Laser and for all you have done for me over these past two years."

- Shirley Moon

"At 34 weeks pregnant I became debilitated but a pinched sciatic nerve on my left side. Every step I took sent a shock of pain up and down my left leg and hip. I could barely walk. I am an active person who ran up to 29 weeks pregnant and went on daily walks. I found myself in tears by the end of the say because I was in so much pain. I am also a kindergarten teacher and this pain made my job more difficult and I was less efficient with almost all my daily activities. I called my doctor’s office and they suggest physical therapy. I also talked with two different friends who said the chiropractor helped them. I decided to try chiropractic are. I didn’t know what to expect. I was sure nothing would alleviate this pain, but I had to try something. Within a week and a half of see Dr. Simpson I was having some relief and moving around better. Within 2.5 weeks i was back to my normal activities. i am so grateful to my friends for suggesting the chiropractor and even more grateful for the relief chiropractic care has given me. I have been able to enjoy these last weeks of my pregnancy and remain active. Dr. Simpson has really made a chiropractic believer out of me."

- Sarah Moore

"Before chiropractic care, vertebral subluxation affected my life by causing lower back pain almost daily. My lower back pain began around age 12 and has reoccurred during different times of my life. One time that stands out as being especially painful was my 1st pregnancy. My lower back would constantly hurt. I had to use a heating pad, try to stretch or yoga, or just break down and take Tylenol to ease the pain. I also suffered with sciatica pain. During that pregnancy, I couldn’t sit longer than 30 minutes without my lower back hurting.

I have known Dr. Tony Simpson and his family for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try chiropractic. My first child suffered severe constipation and I decided that chiropractic was worth a try. She hasn’t been constipated since being adjusted!

Since getting adjusted I have not had the lower back pain to the severity that I used to. I’m now pregnant with my second child, and this pregnancy has been so much more enjoyable. I am more energetic, can sit for long periods of time, and can chase around and carry my 16 month old around without lower back pain!"

- Donna Hancock

"In the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I began to experience excruciating back pain which inhibited me from doing normal, everyday things like walking, turning, bending, etc. I couldn’t even get relief when sitting or lying down – even with use of hot compresses or icing the area. In a desperate attempt for pain relief, I began to explore chiropractic care.

I found Dr. Simpson’s website online and was impressed by the good reviews and testimonials. I am now able to enjoy my final trimester of pregnancy and perform everyday activities with relative comfort! I owe my positive pregnancy experience to Dr. Simpson!"

- ​Marisa Hydrick

"I first started coming to Dr. Simpson when I was four months pregnant. I was in a lot of pain because I was teaching and was on my feet a lot. My back ached a lot and I couldn’t get any relief. Dr. Simpson continued to adjust me through my pregnancy. Micah was born and we continued to come and be adjusted. Each week was a highlight for me because carrying a baby all day long would cause my back to hurt. Dr. Simpson has helped to make my life pain free."

- Dana Scaube

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