ChiroThin Weight Loss Testimonials

“I have always been an active person all my life until I broke my ankle a few years ago. My weight started to keep me away from recovering and enjoying my favorite activities like hiking and playing tennis. My back and knees would hurt and it prevented me from exercising as I needed. I was beginning to get depressed about how I felt and looked. After doing the Athens ChiroThin Weight Loss program, I can now say that I feel better about myself and feel better over all. I have much less pain and I’m happier. I am able to get back to some of my favorite activities. I like how this journey was quick and I was able to see progress each day. Having support of Stacey and being held accountable each day made it easier to stick to it.”

- Halley Page 

“Before I started this program, my diet and weight greatly contributed to my gastrointestinal illness and chronic inflammation of joints. I was lethargic most of the time and in some sort of pain constantly. This program has improved my life in so many way. I no longer need any medicines for my gastrointestinal problems; all of them have become manageable just by eating better. I am able to work out again without feeling sick or exhausted. My joint pains are also less frequent. I liked how Athens ChiroThin Weightloss is a lifestyle change, not just a crash diet. The weight doesn’t come back and the program is life-changing. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need!”

- Mishaell Mach

“Before starting the ChiroThin diet, my weight affected me because I couldn’t be active and enjoy activities like I used to. I never thought about what I was eating, I just ate what I wanted without thinking about how it affected my weight or health.

Now I feel so much better and can go exercise without any physical burdens! I watch what I eat and now I know what I should or shouldn’t eat.

Stacey, the ChiroThin program coordinator, has taught me what is healthy for me and what is not.  She explains in depth why you need to eat what you are eating and also the vitamins and minerals are well explained.”

- Della M.

"Before ChiroThin, my food choices were really bad. It caused my cholesterol to be high. I always felt cranky and bloated. My weight wasn't, well let's say "What would I like to wear today" it was more like "What fits today?". It was time to do something. So for my 60th birthday, I told my husband that's what I wanted for my birthday. So he got me a ChiroThin gift certificate.

Since using ChiroThin, my BP meds have been cut in half. Don't take cholesterol meds at all. My mood is much better and love having more energy. I like that I have learned how to cook better for my health and that feels great! ChiroThin is different because the weight loss and total loss of inches was pretty quick, all while being safe with my health."

- Denise C.

"Prior to using ChiroThin, I never felt good, mornings were so hard. I would just make myself go to work. I was tired all the time. My feet, legs, knees would swell and so painful just to walk. Could not climb stairs. I was taking so many meds. Never able to do any activities or enjoy going places. I have tried all the diets, without any success.

My life has improved since using ChiroThin because my knees, leg, and feet pain is almost none. They swell very little. I have reduced my meds to almost no meds. I feel good and enjoy activities and going places. I can exercise some now. I can bend over without losing my breath. ChiroThin is different than other programs I've tried because this works. Never hungry. I have energy and feel great. It is hard but easy- So worth it all. It comes off fast. The Simpson Center is with you 24/7, by your side. My health has improved so much."

- Nancy 

"I turned 70 the week before I began ChiroThin. This was a present to myself. I had become so sedimentary and continued to gain weight. I had a Buddha belly and was limited on some activities. I always felt huge and lived in tent blouses.

Since using ChiroThin, I feel better, clothes fit, I know that I'm healthier, and feel like being more active. Know that I look better, what a difference 30 pounds makes! Looking forward to shopping for smaller clothes and clearing out my closets.

I haven't been hungry since the 1st day the diet began. Plenty to eat, and easy to stay on track."

- Marie D. 

"Mary F. is so happy to lose 70 pounds in 18 weeks with ChiroThin! In her words, she's "dropping it like it's hot!" When Mary first came into our office, she couldn't walk up the stairs. She suffered from acid reflux, she was on several medications, and she felt unhealthy overall. After 18 weeks, Mary has not only lost weight and inches, but she has also been able to discontinue 5/7 medications! ChiroThin has changed her life and we couldn't be more proud of her!"

Under Stacy’s compassionate care I was able to lose 44 lbs during two rounds of following the Chirothin plan.  The good habits our family learned as a result of following much healthier eating choices have become our “new norm.”  I love how much better I feel by adhering to a lifestyle of “clean eating,” and never want to go back to weighing almost 200 lbs!

Thank you Stacy, and thank you, Chirothin!

- Mary F.

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